A quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) is a diagnostic tool used by the team at Innovative Wellness Centers that measures electrical activity in the form of brain wave patterns and displays the data in real time. A neuroscientist then analyzes the qEEG results, and a report is reviewed by our medical provider and discussed with our clients. Contact our Worthington, OH office to learn more about how brain mapping is a valuable part of our wellness program.

At Innovative Wellness Centers, brain mapping allows us to determine a baseline for your health as well as to determine what specific needs you may have. By getting brain mapping done, you may have access to the following health benefits:

  • Diagnose issues that have been hidden from other forms of testing
  • Establish your current health for comparison down the road if issues arise
  • Develop individualized treatment plans for any existing complaints
  • Optimize treatment for current and future medical problems

A lot of people are good candidates for qEEG brain mapping at Innovative Wellness Centers. Because this treatment measures brain activity and is not associated with pain or side effects, just about anyone who wants to know more about their brain for health and wellness purposes can benefit. However, the best candidates are likely those with some reason to believe that their brain is dysfunctional or dysregulated in some way. The qEEG brain mapping can then help to identify conditions like epilepsy and executive function disorders. Additionally, it can provide guidance for treating issues like depression or chronic pain.

Usually, Innovative Wellness Centers clients will have two brain mapping sessions. The first session sets the baseline and the second session allows for comparison after completing an individualized treatment plan. Comparing the baseline report to the follow-up reports will enable clients to see our program’s impact on the brain. During the qEEG procedure, a cap with dull probes is placed on your head. This process should not be painful or cause any discomfort. The qEEG process takes about 30 minutes to complete.

After a brain mapping session, we will go over the results, explaining what they mean and how they compare to previous tests (unless it’s your first session). After you’re done, you can leave and return to your normal routine, although some people may feel a little tired, much as they would after an extended period of intense mental concentration. Brain mapping gives you and our team real-time data into how your brain is functioning and changing over time. Our team will use the results to measure the progress of the treatments you are undertaking at Innovative Wellness Centers and if any modifications are warranted.