Show yourself some love this month with our Innovative Wellness February Special. Boost your wellness with a Glutathione Shot or Performance Boost Infusion.  

Treat your immune system to a winter boost with an intramuscular (IM) shot of the “Master antioxidant,” Glutathione.  This powerful antioxidant helps build and repair tissue. Glutathione has been found to help fight free radicals and has been credited in helping to boost longevity, improve skin and brain health, AND reduce oxidative stress.  

Take advantage of our Performance Boost Infusion: Vitamin B12 and Glutathione. In addition to the immune system benefits of Glutathione mentioned above, this IV Drip delivers a boost of Vitamin B12 to your system–delivering a wide variety of benefits. It helps with red blood cell formation and anemia prevention, improves mood, may reduce risk of macular degeneration, provides an energy boost, improves heart health, all while supporting healthy hair, skin and nails.  

Best of all, you can enjoy these health and wellness boosts and save 10% off a single application and 20% off packages. Call today to set up your appointment 614.601.6272.


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