• What Conditions Does the Program Treat?


    We've treated clients with the following conditions:

    • -Anxiety
    • -Depression
    • -Insomnia
    • -PTSD
    • -Cravings
    • -Brain Fog
    • -Pain
    • -Inflammatory Disorders
    • -COVID Recovery
    • -Performance Concerns
    • -Chronic Disease
  • Who Are the Innovative Wellness Team Members That Will Be Working With Me?


    At Innovative Wellness, you will interact with a wide range of various professionals. During your program you will interact with a medical provider, IV specialist, occupational therapist, receptionist. IW also has a billing & coding department that our clients can reach out to with any other billing questions.

  • What Does the Program Involve, in Addition to the NAD+ Blended Infusion?


    The program consists of implementing a variety of modalities to improve one's quality of life. Throughout the program you will receive the following:

    • 1. A brain mapping report with use of a qEEG, brain enhancement exercises to improve cognitive function.
    • 2. Stress reduction modalities such as meditation and essential oils.
    • 3. Non-invasive healing techniques to remove subconscious and conscious blocks that are negatively affecting your daily life.
  • What Benefits Will I Notice From the Program?


    During your consult, the Medical Provider will discuss your history, symptoms, and treatment goals. The outcome is dependent upon many individualized factors.

  • What Is a Blended NAD+ Infusion and How Will It Benefit Me?


    Learn more about NAD+ HERE.

  • Is NAD+ Safe?


    Yes, it is safe. NAD+ is already in every cell of your body and is found at the highest levels in infancy. There are no serious adverse side effects to this treatment. Go HERE to learn more.

  • What Is the Purpose of the Brain Training Exercises?


    The brain training exercises are designed to enhance your overall cognitive abilities such as improving your memory, planning, problem solving, processing, self-control, flexible thinking, etc. The training exercises are tailored to each individual’s needs and provides our clients the opportunity to engage in the exercises both in the clinic and at home.

    A generated report is provided upon completion of the exercises and is reviewed by IW’s occupational therapist in order to customize the program accordingly and track improvement in cognitive function during the course of the program.

  • What Is Neurosensory/Biofeedback?


    Neurosensory/biofeedback is the key to our program bridging the gap between traditional and holistic approaches to health and wellness. The optimal way to understand these methods is to experience the program which encompasses the entirety of the individual.

    Simply stated, it involves holistic modalities that address the thoughts, memories and emotions of the conscious and subconscious mind affecting your current behavioral and physical health, adversely affecting your quality of life. By addressing and peeling away layers (like an onion), your mind/brain has the opportunity to function/focus in the present rather than being “stuck” in the past.

    Results include, but are not limited to, reduced anxiety, minimized emotional/physical pain, better sleep and improved mood. Additionally, our clients are often able to reduce, or eliminate, prescribed and non-prescribed drugs. The end result is improved behavioral and physical health, ultimately, leading to a better Quality of Life.

  • What Is the Purpose of the qEEG and Is It Painful?


    A Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) is a diagnostic tool that measures electrical activity in the form of brain wave patterns and records a “mapping” of how your brain is functioning at this point in time. A neuroscientist analyzes the qEEG and a report is reviewed by the IW medical provider with our clients. The qEEG should not be painful or cause any discomfort as the cap has dull probes. Typically the qEEG process takes ~20-30 minutes to complete. Learn more and see a Case Study Here.

  • Does My Medical Insurance Cover This Program? What About Medicare/Medicaid? How Soon Should I Hear Back About My Insurance Coverage?


    IW is actively working on contracting with insurance companies and already has contracts with several insurance plans. There is no cost for our clients to have an IW team member run your medical insurance plan and review coverage.

    IW does accept Medicare insurance but does not accept Medicaid at this time.

    Please allow IW 3-5 days to run and review your insurance coverage as it takes several days sometimes to hear back from insurance companies about the specifics of your plan. IF you are hoping to start our program in a shorter timeframe, please let an IW team member know so we can attempt to expedite the process.

  • What Are the Private Pay Options?


    If a client chooses private pay, these affordable options will be discussed during the consultation.