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Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Our Team05/29/2023

An estimated one-in-five Americans lives with a mental health condition. There's


What is a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG)?

Our Team05/12/2023

Diagnostic Tool Aids in Measuring Electrical Activity in the Brain


Just in Time for Summer: Enjoy a Personal Refresh You Can FEEL!

Our Team04/30/2023

Save on Innovative Wellness IV and IM Therapy Options


When Is NAD+ IV Therapy Needed?

Dr. Thomas A. Morse04/22/2023

A guide to common complaints and conditions that may be improved with NAD+ IV therapy.


2023 Holistic Health and Wellness Approaches: Quick Fix or Lifelong Improvement?

Our Team04/09/2023

Which holistic health and wellness approaches will you consider this year? Could


New Innovative Wellness Video Shares Insights into Unique Program

Our Team04/04/2023

Innovative Wellness Unveils New Video


Spring Wellness: Coming Out of Hibernation

Our Team03/20/2023

Spring is the time of renewal--and the perfect time to refresh your wellness rou


Meet Jane Yip: Neuroscientist and Brain Mapping Consultant

Our Team03/11/2023

Innovative Wellness Consultant is Internationally Recognized Neuroscientist in B


Innovative Aesthetics Offers New Technology for Alopecia / Hair Loss

Our Team03/09/2023

Innovative Aesthetics now offers Alma TED, a new ultrasound-based system that us


March Special: Give Your Body a Spring Break

Our Team03/02/2023

Nurture Your Mind, Body and Soul


Burnout, Anxiety and Depression: We're Not Alone in This

Our Team02/18/2023

Record numbers of Americans are suffering with mental illness. The good news is


Innovative Wellness on the Road: Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Our Team02/06/2023

Sharing Our Health & Wellness Story with Others


February Specials: Boost Your Immune System!

Our Team01/31/2023

Boost your wellness with a Glutathione Shot or Performance Boost Infusion


Ohio Winters: Is Your Body Getting All of the Vitamin D it Needs?

Our Team01/19/2023

Your Body Needs Vitamin D to help build healthy bones, aid in regulation of cellular functions and its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


What Can Brain Mapping Reveal?

Our Team01/09/2023

Brain mapping provides a real-time look at brain waves. This procedure can help assess current symptoms or be used for future comparisons.


New Year’s Resolutions: Overrated Obligations or Opportunity for Observance?

Our Team12/31/2022

Do New Year's Resolutions really inspire long term change in us?


What is NAD+ and Why Is It So Popular?

Our Team12/28/2022

What's so special about the benefits provided by this co-enzyme?


Seasonal Affective Disorder: Tips for Battling the Winter Blues

Our Team12/23/2022

Tips for Battling the Winter Blues. Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder? It can include lack of energy, oversleeping and sadness.


Meet TED: A Revolutionary Treatment that Results in Thicker, Stronger Hair

Our Team12/21/2022

Innovative Aesthetics is now offering a revolutionary, treatment to promote improved blood flow to the scalp resulting in thicker, stronger hair.


Innovative Aesthetics: Special Pricing for New Members

Our Team12/07/2022

Meet Our Sister Company!

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