2023 Holistic Health and Wellness Approaches: Quick Fix or Lifelong Improvement?

By: Our Team


The truth is we’re still reeling from the impact of the pandemic. We’re more focused on improving our health and wellness that we were a few years ago. 

Experts anticipate that 2023 will bring an increase in holistic approaches and treatments for Americans, offered in locations including gyms, strip malls, online, etc. And the audience for this focus on wellness covers all demographics. 

Many schools and colleges (including Baylor University School of Music) are even challenging their students to pursue holistic wellness—to combat increased student levels of anxiety, stress and depression. Businesses and corporations are offering new wellness options and programs for their employees.

What does this mean to you? It’s a good time to broaden your personal health and wellness approach. Could you benefit from some holistic modalities? Consider your options and do your research. Beware of trends that are popular just for the sake of the current “buzz.” Ask questions. Is the treatment invasive? Non-invasive? Does the treatment/ service offer short-term or long-term improvements? Is the provider medically trained? Licensed? Reputable? Make sure the provider has your best interest at heart. Have a discussion with the provider.

You are and will always be the best advocate for your own health and wellness. Questions? Contact the Innovative Wellness Team in Worthington, Ohio to learn more. 

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