Burnout, Anxiety and Depression: We're Not Alone in This

By: Our Team


According to Mental Health America, "Over half (54.7%) of adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment, totaling over 28 million individuals." The takeaway? You're not alone.

It's no secret that record numbers of Americans are suffering from burnout, anxiety, and depression. Cases like Senator Fetterman's recent diagnosis remind us that no one is immune, and that there is no shame in seeking help. There are a number of different treatments available, including medications and therapy. 

Sen. John Fetterman (Pennsylvania) recently voluntarily checked himself into a hospital “to receive treatment for clinical depression,” according to an official statement.

What is most noteworthy is that he sought a higher level of help. 

Symptoms of depression can include ongoing feelings of sadness or anxiety, as well as feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, guilt, worthlessness or helplessness, according to the American Stroke Association.

Other symptoms can include:
~ fatigue and decreased energy
~less interest in daily activities
~changes in appetite and weight
~trouble with memory, concentration,
 planning and decision-making
~sleep changes, such as insomnia or
~ thoughts of death or suicide

A number of different treatments are available, including antidepressant medications and psychological therapy. 

The Innovative Wellness program, developed by Dr. Thomas A. Morse includes modalities that have helped our clients who struggle with anxiety and depression, in addition to other conditions. 

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