Spring Wellness: Coming Out of Hibernation

By: Our Team


The first day of spring has finally arrived. In addition to bringing warmer temperatures, more sunshine and spring flowers, spring is a great time to refresh your daily wellness practices. Here are a few ideas to get you started:   

  • Feed your body, mind and spirit.  

Take advantage of the season of renewal by making an effort to eat more fresh foods. March-June is the optimal time to buy clean, fresh, in-season veggies like lettuce, spinach, chard, and arugula as farmer’s markets begin again. Feed your mind and spirit by reading more, joining a book or social club, getting together with friends, or by scheduling time for prayer / meditation.

  • Boost your vitamin D. 

Midwest winters are no joke. Gray, overcast, cold. If you’ve been experiencing fatigue, trouble sleeping, bone pain or achiness, depression, hair loss, frequent sickness, muscle weakness and loss of appetite, you may be experiencing vitamin D deficiency. (Check with your doctor.)

Spring (and the return to Daylight Savings Time) brings more sunlight—which can boost your vitamin D with proper, regular exposure. Additionally, you can boost your vitamin D with an IV infusion or an intramuscular shot. 

  • Get outside and MOVE. 

Walking just 20 minutes per day can help you burn calories, protect your heart, slim down (as long as you’re not consuming more calories than you burn), improve your mood and sleep patterns, AND help keep your memory sharp. Pack in more activity and fresh air: feel better!  

  • Spring cleaning. 

Whether it’s cleaning the debris out of the garden or cleaning the inside of your home, spring cleaning can be a serious bad mood buster. Not only does it engage your body physically, but it can offer a mental boost. Spring is a great time to refresh your home, declutter and destress—improving your focus as you work. 

  • Adopt a joyful attitude. 

In many cultures, spring brings the new year—a time of renewal symbolizing peace and new life. Embrace this idea by adopting a new attitude and fresh start to your routine. Start or end your day with a little quiet time. Get up early (or stay up a little later) to indulge in some self- nurturing.  Taking care of yourself can help you to combat stress, feel stronger and more empowered, become a healthy role model, be more compassionate towards others, and promote long-term health habits. 

What are some of your favorite spring wellness habits or activities? 

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