What is a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG)?

By: Our Team


One of the unique components of the Innovative Wellness program is the use of Quantitative Electroencephalograms or qEEG. It's also one of our services that draws the most inquiries. 

A qEEG is a diagnostic tool used by the IW team to measure electrical activity in the form of brain wave patterns that displays the data in real time. 

Typically, Innovative Wellness Center clients will have two brain mapping sessions. The first session sets the baseline and the second session allows for comparison after completing an individualized treatment plan. Comparing the baseline report to the follow-up reports enables clients to see our program's impact on the brain. 

During the qEEG procedure, a cap with dull probes is placed on your head. This process should not be painful or cause any discomfort. The qEEG process takes about 30 minutes to complete. A neuroscientist analyzes the qEEG results, then Dr. Morse reviews the report and discusses it with the client. 

For a better understanding,  watch our video to hear Dr. Morse (our Founder) and Chris Lucas (our Research Director) explain how brain mapping works. Ready to learn more about your brain activity? Contact our Worthington, Ohio office at 614.601.6272.

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