Ohio Winters: Is Your Body Getting All of the Vitamin D it Needs?

By: Our Team


Living in Ohio (or any part of the country where winters are gray and cold), you need to consider how much Vitamin D you are--or are not--getting. Less UVB radiation reaches the skin during the winter months, resulting in a decrease in the production of Vitamin D. 

Here’s the important thing:  your body needs Vitamin D to … 

~Help you build & maintain healthy bones

~Aid in regulation of cellular functions

~For its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & neuroprotective properties that help support your immune health, muscle function & brain cell activity? 

The good news is Innovative Wellness can help you get the Vitamin D and Wellness Boost you’ve been missing—and our January special makes it even more affordable: 

Through Jan. 31 – enjoy 10% off Single shot of Vitamin D shot and single drip of Wellness Boost IV Drip, or 20% off packages of 4-IV Wellness Drip and IM Vitamin D. (Prices range depending on your choices. Go HERE for rates.) 

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2023 is your year to prioritize your health and wellness! 

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