Innovative Wellness Earns TJC Accreditation

Worthington, OH – Innovative Wellness recently earned The Joint Commission accreditation after a thorough organizational evaluation of policies and procedures. The health and wellness clinic offers lifestyle assessments and treatments to improve the health and well-being of those seeking help.

After client assessment, the Innovative Wellness Program includes personalized, blended NAD+ infusion, brain mapping, alternative techniques such as neurosensory and biofeedback, and a Functional Life Skills Program. “We help people manage mood and chronic pain, to make sure they are living their best life and functioning the way they should, with better sleep and decreased brian fog,” said Dr. Thomas A. Morse, co-founder of Innovative Wellness. “Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our clients. We don’t take over the care from a primary care doctor, for we are here to augment care.”

Retired from service in the emergency room, Dr. Morse said that TJC policies and procedures helped him and his co-founder daughter, Steffany Morse, with the business world, and gave them structure.

Steffany Morse created the Innovative Wellness Functional Life Skills Program and assisted with development of the Neuro Sensory Feedback and Stress Reduction Technologies. She holds a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. “We are a complete program offering life improvement,” states Ms. Morse, “We provide long term results that give an energetic feeling that lasts, and encompasses the mind, body, and spirit.”

Innovative Wellness is covered by many insurance policies and looks at the whole person, including mental health and the subconscious. Clients seek help for autoimmune disorders, inflammatory responses, sleep disorders, cognitive function, and to treat pain. TJC accreditation adds street credibility for an organization dedicated to offering restoration, rejuvenation and balance to those seeking it. “It was a long process, and it brought to light what we needed to offer quality care,” Dr. Morse said.

The Morses researched consulting agencies to assist in the rigorous accreditation undertaking and engaged the help of PowderHorn Consulting. “Our consultant presented the program, and he understood that we are a unique company,” Ms. Morse added. “It was helpful to have a consulting company to interpret the language.”

The mission of Innovative Wellness is to provide clients with the opportunity to experience improved health by implementing a comprehensive program to enhance their cognitive, physical and emotional well-being through neuro-rejuvenation, brain optimization and the balance of mind, body and spirit.

The Joint Commission (TJC) standards are developed in consultation with health care experts and providers, measurement experts and clients. They are informed by scientific literature and expert consensus to help health care organizations measure, assess and improve performance. More about TJC at

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