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A quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) is a diagnostic tool used by the team at Innovative Wellness Centers that measures electrical activity in the form of brain wave patterns and displays the data in real time. A neuroscientist then analyzes the qEEG results, and a report is reviewed by our medical provider and discussed with our clients. Contact our Worthington, OH office to learn more about how brain mapping is a valuable part of our wellness program.

At Innovative Wellness Centers, brain mapping allows us to determine a baseline for your health as well as to determine what specific needs you may have. By getting brain mapping done, you may have access to the following health benefits:

  • Diagnose issues that have been hidden from other forms of testing
  • Establish your current health for comparison down the road if issues arise
  • Develop individualized treatment plans for any existing complaints
  • Optimize treatment for current and future medical problems

A lot of people are good candidates for qEEG brain mapping at Innovative Wellness Centers. Because this treatment measures brain activity and is not associated with pain or side effects, just about anyone who wants to know more about their brain for health and wellness purposes can benefit. However, the best candidates are likely those with some reason to believe that their brain is dysfunctional or dysregulated in some way. The qEEG brain mapping can then help to identify conditions like epilepsy and executive function disorders. Additionally, it can provide guidance for treating issues like depression or chronic pain.

Usually, Innovative Wellness Centers clients will have two brain mapping sessions. The first session sets the baseline and the second session allows for comparison after completing an individualized treatment plan. Comparing the baseline report to the follow-up reports will enable clients to see our program's impact on the brain. During the qEEG procedure, a cap with dull probes is placed on your head. This process should not be painful or cause any discomfort. The qEEG process takes about 30 minutes to complete.

After a brain mapping session, we will go over the results, explaining what they mean and how they compare to previous tests (unless it's your first session). After you're done, you can leave and return to your normal routine, although some people may feel a little tired, much as they would after an extended period of intense mental concentration. Brain mapping gives you and our team real-time data into how your brain is functioning and changing over time. Our team will use the results to measure the progress of the treatments you are undertaking at Innovative Wellness Centers and if any modifications are warranted.

I was so excited to learn about Dr. Morse and Innovative Wellness a few months ago through a like-minded connection. I thought it was fascinating how Dr. Morse was an ER doc who then went to holistic health. His entire program is such a great option for those looking for holistic care. I personally see Dr. Morse for energy work or table sessions as he calls them. Dr. Morse says the table sessions are the "secret sauce" and I fully agree. Dr. Morse has amazing bedside manner, listens to my concerns, and has really helped me navigate difficult situations both in my past and present. Every time I leave a session I feel so much lighter. It's an incredible feeling. I feel very blessed to have met Dr. Morse and I am so grateful everything he has done for me. I highly recommend seeking him out and exploring the services he offers, especially if you're looking for holistic care!

J.W. Google

After suffering a major tragedy, I just kept pushing through my life. I started a non-profit and traveled the country for speaking engagements. I was told countless times over the following years that I never took the time to grieve. I didn’t sleep well. I was quick to react. Since beginning the Innovative Wellness program about 6 months ago, I’ve experienced improved sleep patterns and the ability to multi-task. The biggest change has been gaining a sense of calm under duress, and in making decisions. I’m able to focus better and function longer at work. My wife has even noted that I’m less stressed.

W.C. Office Visit

At first, I noticed increased mental clarity and focus a few days after treatment. Over time, I have noticed that IW’s Program helps tremendously with stress management and overall outlook on life. The IW program has been wonderful for me. Not only does it couple IV infusion therapy of a key biochemical co-factor (NAD+) that supports energy production in every cell in our body, but also guided meditations during each day of treatment, thus facilitating and strengthening the body/mind connection. For me personally, the program has helped me by allowing me to be more calm, peaceful, strong, and hopeful, while improving my mental clarity and focus. I recommend the program to those who need a break from the daily stressors in life. You come in to a safe, and secure environment with staff that have an excellent bedside manner, where you are focusing on yourself, on trying to improve yourself. Just the act of me taking those 2-day breaks spaced at 1 month apart for myself, allowed me to realize the importance of taking time for oneself.

C.L. Office Visit

I suffered with debilitating pain for years—especially in my neck, shoulders and wrists. As a former gymnast and athlete who could no longer be as active, I felt a lot of anxiety as well. In 2016, I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. My pain had become so severe, I would have to set my alarm hours in advance, to allow enough time for me to become functional enough to get up, ready and go to work. Then a family member told me about Innovative Wellness. I noticed positive results within my first two visits, after my first infusion. Over the following months, I found the treatments were helping to diminish the pain significantly –-to the point where I was able to extend the time between pain medication doses. Now my sleep is better and I’m less anxious than I was before the program. I experience less pain than before, especially in the morning. For those considering the IW program, I highly recommend it. There is no downside for me. My insurance covers quite a bit. I feel less anxious, more energetic, and not as tired. And I’m getting so much more accomplished!

A.C. Office Visit

As a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have constant inflammation in my hands, experience fatigue and headaches. After my first session of treatments, the inflammation diminished and my fatigue and headaches were completely gone. I felt like I regained my life! I used to have consistent thoughts which would bring me down and cause me to feel depressed. Since going through my treatment plan, when that type of thought enters my mind, it floats right out. As a result, I don’t have those negative feelings rather I feel energized and ready to proceed with my day. The ancillary treatments included in my plan are so inspiring and have a positive impact on my mental health. When I feel challenged, I think back to those treatments as a method to calm myself and remove any negative emotions. It works every time! As a mother of a young son, I regularly attend sports events. Because my mental health and clarity was not where I wanted it be, I found myself sitting on the sidelines, not being engaged and struggling to find the words I wanted to speak. As a result of my treatment plan, I am so different while at these events. Last week, I spent the entire time engaged with another mother. It may not sound like a lot to folks who have clarity and confidence; but, to me it was a life-changer!

M.J. Office Visit


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Brain mapping, or the scientific measurement of brain wave patterns, is offered as part of our innovative health and wellness program. This noninvasive procedure will provide our medical team with important information, allowing them to customize your treatment plan. To schedule an appointment at Innovative Wellness Centers, contact our team at our Worthington, OH office.

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What will brain mapping diagnose?

Brain mapping is very beneficial for identifying various silent or invisible disorders. Some of the issues it can help diagnose are anxiety and depression. In addition, imaging can also help find ADHD.

Is brain mapping legitimate?

Yes! Brain mapping has been shown to be effective and innovative in the way we can catch brain diseases and dysfunctions. Many studies have shown the reliability of this diagnostic test.

How much does it cost?

Brain mapping is not for everyone. However, at Innovative Wellness Center, we never want cost to be a factor in preventing our Worthington, OH patients from getting the care they need. Please contact our office for specific pricing quotes and to learn more about our installment payment plans.

Is qEEG brain mapping safe?

Yes, qEEG is a very safe procedure. As a noninvasive technique, it does not alter brain function or structure but merely records the brain's activity. It has been used in clinical and research settings for several decades.

What does qEEG show that traditional EEG does not?

While both traditional electroencephalograms and qEEG measure the brain's electrical activity, qEEG uses complex algorithms to convert these data into a brain map. This visual representation provides more detailed information about brain function and can help your practitioners at Innovative Wellness Centers identify abnormalities that a traditional EEG might miss.

Will I need to have multiple qEEG brain mapping sessions?

The need for multiple qEEG sessions at our Worthington, OH office will largely depend on your individual circumstances and the reason for the scan, but it is often best to have one or more additional brain mapping scans after a certain period of time. These may be useful for monitoring progress, particularly in response to treatments or medication adjustments.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.