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What Is A Wellness Evaluation?

At Innovate Wellness Centers, we believe that living a healthy lifestyle should incorporate a whole-body approach that engages your overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. At our office in Worthington, OH, we offer a comprehensive program that restores, restructures, rejuvenates, and rebalances you physically, mentally, and emotionally. This process begins with a wellness evaluation with Dr. Thomas Morse in our office or via teleconference. During this wellness evaluation, we bring certain aspects of your health into focus. You'll have the chance to ask questions and explain any health concerns you are experiencing and provide our team with information about your specific needs. Request an appointment now!

At Innovative Wellness Center, your total-body health is extremely important to us. By scheduling wellness evaluations at our Worthington, OH office, we can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Holistic approach to your health
  • Unhurried appointments that incorporates mental, emotional, and physical aspects
  • Ability to establish a baseline of your health over time
  • Prevent disease progression by establishing rapport with your provider

Who is a Candidate for a Wellness Evaluation?

Anyone who is looking for a comprehensive approach to their health and wellbeing could be considered a candidate for a wellness evaluation. Dr. Morse will review your health history, current symptoms, and lifestyle in order to create a plan that is tailored to your needs and goals. Whether you have a chronic illness, want to improve your mental or emotional health, or hope to prevent diseases and conditions in the future, Innovative Wellness Centers can help you reach your desired outcomes.

How Does A Wellness Evaluation Work?

Dr. Morse will collect information about your health history and current symptoms during a wellness evaluation at Innovative Wellness Centers. You may also take this opportunity to share information with Dr. Morse about any health conditions you currently suffer from that may benefit from our unique treatment programs, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, cravings, brain fog, chronic pain, inflammatory disorders, or COVID-19 recovery. After understanding your overall health, Dr. Morse will explain the details of the program and schedule the first IV infusion of your predetermined NAD+ solution.

After a wellness evaluation at Innovative Wellness Centers, individuals can anticipate a clearer understanding of their overall health. The evaluation typically involves comprehensive assessments of various health markers and risk factors. Following the evaluation, you can expect personalized recommendations to enhance your well-being, such as lifestyle modifications, dietary advice, exercise plans, and stress management techniques. The results of the evaluation serve as a foundation for informed decisions and proactive steps toward achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness.

I was so excited to learn about Dr. Morse and Innovative Wellness a few months ago through a like-minded connection. I thought it was fascinating how Dr. Morse was an ER doc who then went to holistic health. His entire program is such a great option for those looking for holistic care. I personally see Dr. Morse for energy work or table sessions as he calls them. Dr. Morse says the table sessions are the "secret sauce" and I fully agree. Dr. Morse has amazing bedside manner, listens to my concerns, and has really helped me navigate difficult situations both in my past and present. Every time I leave a session I feel so much lighter. It's an incredible feeling. I feel very blessed to have met Dr. Morse and I am so grateful everything he has done for me. I highly recommend seeking him out and exploring the services he offers, especially if you're looking for holistic care!

J.W. Google

After suffering a major tragedy, I just kept pushing through my life. I started a non-profit and traveled the country for speaking engagements. I was told countless times over the following years that I never took the time to grieve. I didn’t sleep well. I was quick to react. Since beginning the Innovative Wellness program about 6 months ago, I’ve experienced improved sleep patterns and the ability to multi-task. The biggest change has been gaining a sense of calm under duress, and in making decisions. I’m able to focus better and function longer at work. My wife has even noted that I’m less stressed.

W.C. Office Visit

At first, I noticed increased mental clarity and focus a few days after treatment. Over time, I have noticed that IW’s Program helps tremendously with stress management and overall outlook on life. The IW program has been wonderful for me. Not only does it couple IV infusion therapy of a key biochemical co-factor (NAD+) that supports energy production in every cell in our body, but also guided meditations during each day of treatment, thus facilitating and strengthening the body/mind connection. For me personally, the program has helped me by allowing me to be more calm, peaceful, strong, and hopeful, while improving my mental clarity and focus. I recommend the program to those who need a break from the daily stressors in life. You come in to a safe, and secure environment with staff that have an excellent bedside manner, where you are focusing on yourself, on trying to improve yourself. Just the act of me taking those 2-day breaks spaced at 1 month apart for myself, allowed me to realize the importance of taking time for oneself.

C.L. Office Visit

I suffered with debilitating pain for years—especially in my neck, shoulders and wrists. As a former gymnast and athlete who could no longer be as active, I felt a lot of anxiety as well. In 2016, I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. My pain had become so severe, I would have to set my alarm hours in advance, to allow enough time for me to become functional enough to get up, ready and go to work. Then a family member told me about Innovative Wellness. I noticed positive results within my first two visits, after my first infusion. Over the following months, I found the treatments were helping to diminish the pain significantly –-to the point where I was able to extend the time between pain medication doses. Now my sleep is better and I’m less anxious than I was before the program. I experience less pain than before, especially in the morning. For those considering the IW program, I highly recommend it. There is no downside for me. My insurance covers quite a bit. I feel less anxious, more energetic, and not as tired. And I’m getting so much more accomplished!

A.C. Office Visit

As a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have constant inflammation in my hands, experience fatigue and headaches. After my first session of treatments, the inflammation diminished and my fatigue and headaches were completely gone. I felt like I regained my life! I used to have consistent thoughts which would bring me down and cause me to feel depressed. Since going through my treatment plan, when that type of thought enters my mind, it floats right out. As a result, I don’t have those negative feelings rather I feel energized and ready to proceed with my day. The ancillary treatments included in my plan are so inspiring and have a positive impact on my mental health. When I feel challenged, I think back to those treatments as a method to calm myself and remove any negative emotions. It works every time! As a mother of a young son, I regularly attend sports events. Because my mental health and clarity was not where I wanted it be, I found myself sitting on the sidelines, not being engaged and struggling to find the words I wanted to speak. As a result of my treatment plan, I am so different while at these events. Last week, I spent the entire time engaged with another mother. It may not sound like a lot to folks who have clarity and confidence; but, to me it was a life-changer!

M.J. Office Visit


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Schedule Your Provider Assessment

Schedule a wellness evaluation for yourself at Innovative Wellness Centers in Worthington, OH. A provider assessment with Dr. Thomas Morse is intended to determine which NAD+ solution, brain enhancement exercises, stress reduction modalities, and noninvasive healing techniques will help you reach your wellness goals. Don't hesitate to contact our office as soon as possible to schedule an assessment.

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How long does a wellness evaluation take?

Wellness evaluations typically take between 15 – 30 minutes. Since they are personalized to you specifically, they could take longer or shorter depending on your needs.

How do I prepare for a wellness evaluation?

There is not much needed in terms of preparation for your wellness evaluation at Innovative Wellness Centers. You should have an updated list of your current medications. Some patients find it helpful to write down any questions or concerns they have for our team ahead of their exam so they don't forget to ask them. You can also wear loose-fitting clothing to help you remain comfortable while in the office.

How often should I have a wellness evaluation?

We advise that you have a wellness evaluation at least once a year. This can help us stay on top of your health and catch any concerns early on. Of course, we are here when you need us, so if something in your life changes and you feel like you would benefit from a wellness evaluation, please give our office a call!

Will my wellness evaluation require a follow-up visit?

If your wellness evaluation determines you are in good health, no follow-up is necessary — we will plan to see you at your next wellness exam or sooner, depending on your needs. However, we may request a follow-up visit if we would like to address anything concerning we found during our evaluation. Causes for this could be high blood pressure, any complaints you have, to follow-up about a new medication, and more. We will work with you so you understand the expectations following a wellness evaluation.

What does a typical wellness evaluation include?

A wellness evaluation may involve a comprehensive health history review, physical examinations, measurements (such as weight, blood pressure, etc.), blood tests, screenings for chronic conditions, mental health assessments, and discussions about lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a wellness evaluation?

Insurance coverage for wellness evaluations can vary based on your insurance plan and specific services included in the evaluation. It's advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand what's covered.

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