Thomas A. Morse, M.D.

Board certified in emergency medicine, Dr. Thomas Morse brings more than three decades of experience to his role as founder and medical director of Innovative Wellness Centers. Dr. Morse created Innovative Wellness Centers to help people suffering from physical, cognitive, and emotional issues.


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Education and Training

Dr. Morse earned his medical degree from Ohio State University and later completed his residency in emergency medicine at the University of Chicago Medical Center. After working for several decades in the medical field, he became determined to create a health and wellness facility with the objective of integrating a program that combines neuro rejuvenation and brain optimization with neurosensory feedback and stress reduction technologies along with functional life skills therapy to restore, restructure, rejuvenate, and rebalance the physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral areas of life. He then collaborated with a team of skilled healthcare professionals and Innovative Wellness Centers and transitioned from a dream to a reality.


Skills and Specialties

Dr. Morse is board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He is a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

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I've experienced pain relief after years of suffering and failed medical procedures. I don't know how it works, but I know that it does!

K.N. Office Visit

I didn't know what to expect but what I experienced was that my body felt rejuvenated. I’ve been suffering with inflammatory bowel disease but my treatment plan really helped. I use less medication and feel better!

D.F. Office Visit

The results of my qEEG really helped me “see” the impact that carrying emotional baggage has on my physical health. I’m excited to experience physical benefits associated with the positive mental health improvement I’ve had from my treatment plan.

R.G. Office Visit

After suffering a major tragedy, I just kept pushing through my life. I started a non-profit and traveled the country for speaking engagements. I was told countless times over the following years that I never took the time to grieve. I didn’t sleep well. I was quick to react. Since beginning the Innovative Wellness program about 6 months ago, I’ve experienced improved sleep patterns and the ability to multi-task. The biggest change has been gaining a sense of calm under duress, and in making decisions. I’m able to focus better and function longer at work. My wife has even noted that I’m less stressed.

W.C. Office Visit

As a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have constant inflammation in my hands, experience fatigue and headaches. After my first session of treatments, the inflammation diminished and my fatigue and headaches were completely gone. I felt like I regained my life! I used to have consistent thoughts which would bring me down and cause me to feel depressed. Since going through my treatment plan, when that type of thought enters my mind, it floats right out. As a result, I don’t have those negative feelings rather I feel energized and ready to proceed with my day. The ancillary treatments included in my plan are so inspiring and have a positive impact on my mental health. When I feel challenged, I think back to those treatments as a method to calm myself and remove any negative emotions. It works every time! As a mother of a young son, I regularly attend sports events. Because my mental health and clarity was not where I wanted it be, I found myself sitting on the sidelines, not being engaged and struggling to find the words I wanted to speak. As a result of my treatment plan, I am so different while at these events. Last week, I spent the entire time engaged with another mother. It may not sound like a lot to folks who have clarity and confidence; but, to me it was a life-changer!

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Total Reviews


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