Brain mapping is a revolutionary technology that can provide insight into your current and future health. The technology used to measure brain wave patterns can be a valuable part of an overall wellness program at Innovative Wellness Centers in Worthington, OH.

Dr. Thomas A. Morse can conduct brain mapping on interested clients. A neuroscientist then analyzes the results.

Keep reading to find out what brain mapping may be able to reveal about your health.

How does brain mapping work?

Brain mapping is a safe procedure that uses a quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) to measure electrical activity in the brain. These brain wave patterns can be compared to your previous brain mapping results to show how a treatment is working, if a neurological condition is progressing, or be used to diagnose a health condition. In some cases, brain mapping can simply provide insight into how your brain operates.

Some of our clients may be experiencing a wide range of symptoms, including forgetfulness, chronic pain, “brain fog,” depression, or insomnia – to name just a few. And while brain mapping is not used to diagnose these issues formally or uncover their precise cause, it can provide data to help Dr. Morse explain some conditions in more detail.

You’ll want to bring a list of any symptoms you are experiencing and medications you are taking before your appointment.

The procedure is virtually painless and takes around 30 minutes. It has not been associated with any side effects, though some clients have reported feeling tired after the procedure. You only need to sit comfortably as a cap is placed on your head while brain mapping takes place.

What can brain mapping reveal about my health?

Brain mapping at Innovative Wellness Centers will provide a snapshot of your brain wave patterns.

Wave patterns seen during a qEEG may be able to help:

  • Identify issues that other testing cannot measure
  • Establish a baseline for your brainwaves to compare future brain mapping results to your current ones
  • Help Dr. Morse develop an individualized treatment plan for any wellness issues you may be experiencing
  • Determine if treatments are having an effect on your brain waves and provide guidance for future treatments

What happens after a brain mapping procedure?

A neurologist will examine your results, relay them to Dr. Morse, and then you will schedule a follow-up appointment at Innovative Wellness Centers to go over the results.

The real-time results of brain mapping reveal how your brain is operating at one given moment in time. Dr. Morse will discuss your results with you, as well as how they may compare to other adults with common characteristics. It’s important to note that everyone’s brain is different, and there is not one “normal” set of readings to measure your results against.

Brain mapping can provide insight and information but will not be used alone to diagnose a disease.

Get brain mapping in Worthington, OH

If you are interested in learning more about brain mapping and the benefits it can offer, Dr. Thomas A. Morse can help.

To get started, contact Innovative Wellness Centers in Worthington, OH today.


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