You’ve heard the buzz about NAD+, but you’re still confused—right?

In short, NAD+ (short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a vital co-enzyme that produces energy and helps regulate the functionality of your body. It is used in IV therapy with natural benefits that, typically, are noticeable almost immediately.

Benefits vary but can include reduced pain, a boost in metabolism, increased energy, reduced inflammation, improved mood / concentration & memory, increased mental clarity, reduced fatigue, and slowed cognitive decline.

Maybe you’ve noticed the “Hydration” stations popping up throughout the country that serve up NAD+ like it’s on tap? Beware: a quick drip of NAD+ IV Therapy is not a magic bullet to life-long improved health. While there are many positive benefits to NAD+ IV Therapy, they are typically short-term. That’s how our program differs.

We incorporate NAD+ as one PART our program that includes both traditional and holistic components. When combined, all the components of our program help to set you on your (individualized) path to the long-term improvement of your physical, mental and emotional health and wellness. Dr. Morse spent years developing his unique Innovative Wellness program that gets to the source of each client’s condition—with the end goal: help you live your best life. And the program works. Just ask our clients or check out their testimonials.  To learn more, go to THIS PAGE of our website, or call 614.601.6272.


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