Upon arrival, an IV will be started for infusion of your predetermined NAD+ solution.

In your room, you will have a TV, recliner and bed, if requested, Guests are not preferred; however, if you require special assistance, please contact the office so we can make appropriate arrangements.

Your assessment will determine the number of days your plan will span and need for follow-up treatment. Coming in from out-of-town? Check out our recommendations for local hotels, restaurants and places to visit,

What To Bring

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and consider bringing the following items:

  • Book/Magazine
  • Phone Charger
  • Headphones/Earbuds
  • Laptop
  • Snacks\Drinks
  • Medication (if required to be taken during the time of your visit)
  • Username/Passwords (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+)
  • Throw/Blanket
  • Insurance Card and Driver’s License
  • Method of Payment

Your private consultation with the medical provider will determine the number of sessions your personalized plan will require. Sessions on average last 3-4 hrs. The scheduling between sessions is highly variable and is discussed in detail during the consultation. Many factors are taken into account including current ailments, goals of treatment, client work/life balance and ongoing response to therapy.